Our Mission

Motive Ventures uses Machine Learning and Blockchain Technology
to create solutions that foster cooperation within the sustainability industry.
Our solutions bring together and benefit consumers, impact investors,
nonprofits, and sustainable companies.

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SpendRight is a Google Chrome extension that integrates consumer activism with e-commerce. Users get up-to-date information regarding the sustainability of their favorite brands and companies, allowing them to purchase products that align with their values. Currently works on Amazon, and will expand to other sites in the future. SpendRight will also be the 1st application to utilize GoodChain.

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Meet The Team

We are entrepreneurs who take pride in creating sustainability solutions in a company that is hard working, inclusive, and transparent.
Our team is composed of individuals from diverse backgrounds possessing an array of expertise and talents including data science & blockchain technology, full stack development, and human-computer interaction.


Manuel Amaya

Co-Founder & CEO

A data scientist by trade with a passion for entrepreneurship dating back to 2012. His data science expertise focuses on predictive pricing and recommendation systems. He most recently worked at MetaX and helped launch their 10 million ICO, Adtoken.

Darrell Calderon

Co-Founder & CTO

Expert in software development and quality assurance with experience in a vast array of software projects including REST APIs and build infrastructure automation. Previously for QVC, he helped bring full stack solutions for continuous deployment increasing release reliability and stability.



Russ Stoddard

Founder & President


Miguel Morales

CTO & Founder